Adventure awaits

Welcome to Lapland, the wild and authentic land of the midnight sun and the endless fishing waters.

If you are into looking for opportunities to enjoy nature and magnificent landscapes to go along your fishing experience, it’s no wonder that Lapland might portray an extremely attractive option. We know, that the midnight sun, auroras and the polar night are just one part of the truth. Regarding the other half we are glad to offer you a safe environment with a good infrastructure and an extensive network of local service providers.

That’s how fishing in Lapland becomes an experience of a lifetime.



Arriving and moving around in the North

Lapland is well-connected to the entire world and welcomes you with open arms whether you arrive by plane, car, train or bus. 

The area around the Artery river host three airports and an extensive bus network. If you prefer to travel by car, the roads of Lapland welcome you mostly in a good condition. Due to Lapland’s grown popularity there’s a variety of car rental and taxi services throughout the area.

Transportation options

Fishing permits & General information


Fishing in Finland is based on general fishing rights that are comparable to everyman’s rights. The general fishing rights allow you to fish with hook and line (using one rod and hook without a lure or a reel that is suitable for casting), simple herring rig and ice fishing. General fishing rights are not in effect in the rapids and shoots of waters with migratory fish stocks or in those water areas where fishing is prohibited on some other grounds.  

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There are various options for a comfortable stay around the region. You can choose from hotels, hostels, lodges and camping sites for a perfect match for your fishing experience. 

Accommodation options

Everyman’s right


Mystic and ascetic, two words which describe the Finnish nature. You are free to experience it just like any other ordinary citizen if you respect the public rules set to it known as everyman’s right.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking freely in the woods while enjoying the silence and picking some berries for a light snack. In the evening you can set up your tent for a night and sleep under the stars. All of this is possible as long as you keep a reasonable distance from homes and don’t leave any litter behind.



Lapland has everything and a bit more to make your stay a great one. Whether you need to rent a boat, hire a guide or you want to do a fully guided tour, Lapland is ready for you. 

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Lapland on a Plate

Pure tastes directly from the nature

The culinary culture in Lapland revolves around the pure tastes of the surrounding nature. A perfect symphony of flavors leads to a mouthwatering experience whether you are having a break at the waters or you are dining at the local restaurants. If you want to take a piece of Lapland home with you, remember that it’s often the food that makes an impact. Lapland offers tastes, which are hard to forget.

Think about glow-fried salmon, whitefish cooked on a branch, sautéed reindeer served with lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes, wild berries from the Arctic forests. A very popular and an excellent snack for situations on the go is traditionally dried meat usually made of reindeer or moose. The healthy chaga mushroom can be prepared for teas and other drinks, and if there’s a chance make sure you’ll taste some spruce sprout drink to freshen up your body and soul.

In Lapland’s weather conditions every food becomes super-food. The locals might reveal their own recipes for preparing some of the dishes, but in case you want to take it a bit more easier, you might want to enjoy your meal at some of Lapland’s versatile restaurants.

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