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Fishing in Finland is based on general fishing rights that are comparable to everyman’s rights. The general fishing rights allow you to fish with hook and line (using one rod and hook without a lure or a reel that is suitable for casting), simple herring rig and ice fishing. General fishing rights are not in effect in the rapids and shoots of waters with migratory fish stocks or in those water areas where fishing is prohibited on some other grounds.  

Lure fishing with one lure requires the payment of the fisheries management fee from every angler at the age of 18 - 64 years, that is collected by the Finnish State. The management fee grants you the right to fish with a single rod in nearly the entire country. 

Fishing in state-owned running waters and special fishing destinations requires an angling permit. Trap fishing, fishing with more than one rod or crayfishing in state-owned waters also requires a separate permit. These permits are issued by the Finnish Forest and Park Services.

Fishing on the Artery river requires its own angling permit for the joint fishing area.

Fishing activities are supervised by different authorities (police, border guards, fishing authorities, customs officials) as part of their official duties. Sworn and trained fishing supervisors approved by an ELY Centre also have the authority to conduct fishing supervision as defined in the Fishing Act.

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