Can you hear the
call of the North?

A fishing roadtrip under the midnight sun.

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Listening to the sound of the flowing rivers and observing the play of light and shadow on the water surface while a chill breeze of wind refreshes your mind.

The surrounding forests, fells and river banks seem endless. This is where life happens. This is where nothing and everything come together. This is where friends, new and old, gather around one thing – the sustainable lifestyle of a fisherman.

Fishing in Lapland is full of opportunities.

Rocky Fells and Nature’s Phenomena

Graylings and unique views

Europe’s longest freely flowing river springs among the arctic fells in Finland’s northwestern part in Kilpisjärvi. The region is defined by stunning and unique nature.

The endless summer nights are unforgettable after a long and harsh winter defined by the coldness and the magic of the northern lights. Nature at the area offers an opportunity to explore wide range of waters surrounded by rough ground and beautiful landscapes.
This is where anglers have the true right to follow their dreams and not the rules of time.

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About Enontekiö area

Wilderness awaits

Enjoy the total silence

Well known for offering some of the best destinations for canoeing and kayaking in Finnish Lapland, the rivers Lätäseno ja Palojoki are much more than that. The richness of fish species in these wild flowing waters in middle of the wilderness is notable, and therefore they attract fishermen to visit the region to swing their rods from the river banks over and over again. The headwaters of these rivers can be reached by hiking through wilderness or by flight services. Species to catch: grayling, trout, salmon, pike, perch, whitefish

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About Enontekiö area

Life at the Arctic Lakes

When the perception of time changes

The ‘land of the thousand lakes’ plays up to its name right here in Lapland too. These lakes and ponds of the region were carved into Lapland’s ground in the end of the ice age and one can sense something raw and even primitive in these areas. Right here the perception of time can totally be forgotten, and the focus is on the meaningful things in life. To fishermen and nature lovers in general this is a great chance to find peace and be one with the wilderness.
Whatever style of fishing you prefer, the lakes in Lapland warmly welcome you to give it a try.

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Combining Fishing and the Lapland Experience

Open invitation to enjoy the nature and sustainable lifestyle in Muonio

Crackling campfires at the river banks and forests nearby create a perfect setting after a day spent at the waters. The stories are told right here and some of them become legends. In the Muonio region it is common to offer “Harling” style trolling on the Artery river, but also some unique lake fishing. The region holds a great number of lakes and streams that run through from the Pallas-Ylläs National Park. There’s even a chance to meet landlocked salmon in lake Pallas, right at the door of the park. Salmon chasers can find some great fly fishing opportunities in the Northern part of the Artery river.

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About the area

Kingdom of Salmon

Gateway to the Fjells

The Kolari region offers great fishing on both rivers and lakes. Here you have the chance to chase the Salmon on the Artery river with “Harling” trolling, but also with fly. The intersection of Tornio and Muonio rivers lies in Lappea, which has one of the first Salmon lodges of the Artery river. Rivers Äkäs, Ylläs and Naami welcome you to enjoy their swirling shapes and christal clear waters, hosting graylings, trouts and pikes. In Kolari you can also enjoy the lakes and ponds chasing Big Pikes and perch under the midnight sun. Kolari region invites you to enjoy the Ylläs holiday resort, a gem of Lapland offering multiple activities and hiking routes towards the Pallas-Ylläs National park.

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About Ylläs area

Fishing without borders

Fish don’t follow the borders

The Artery river runs through Finnish and Swedish Lapland to become one of the largest playgrounds for anglers. You can find a wide range of waters on both sides allowing you to combine different styles of fishing and species to catch. Accommodation options can be found widely, along with other services from recreational lake fishing to guided heli-fishing trips. Fishermen do not see borders - here they care about sharing the great experience with nice people.

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About Swedish Lapland

Fishing Capital
           of Finland

From the Artery River to Countless Lakes

Pello is the fishing capital of Finland. The artery river between Finland and Sweden flows through the area, opening magnificent opportunities to catch the silver lined baltic salmon. Here you’ll find some of the largest spawning pools among numerous great rapids of the river. These waters are suitable for fly fishing but also for Harling style trolling, which is the most common style of salmon fishing at the river. In Pello you also have great lake fishing opportunities and the chance to find the northernmost zander population in lake Mieko. The area’s fish species include salmon, trout, grayling, pike, perch, whitefish and zander.

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About Pello region

Approaching the Gulf of Bothnia

Southern parts of the Artery river

The Artery river system spurs out to the northern part of Bothnia Bay in Tornio-Haparanda. Downwards from Pello region the Artery river offers some great pools and rough rapids, including great spots for casting from the banks. In Kukkolankoski you can learn more about or even experience the traditional scoop net fishing of whitefish. This region boasts a range of fishing in side rivers like Tengeliönjoki and multiple lakes, supported by local service providers on both sides of the Artery river. In the city of Tornio-Haparanda you’ll also have the opportunity to experience fishing on the waves of the Gulf of Bothnia on the Baltic Sea.

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