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Onnela Resort is located by Lake Inari, more specifically on the Eastern edge of Sammakkoridge. The Resort lies right next to Vätsäri Wilderness Area. Onnela domain is one of the Sami Culture Destination. The domain and its building were built in the early 1900’s. It consists of an old dwelling house, sauna, shed and recently built log shed, dining hut, fabric hut, woodsheds and outhouses and a hot tub. Old building have been carefully renovated so that they would still carry their original spirit and authenticity. At Onnela, jumping into a time capsule is possible as there is no electricity and the building are heated by wood in a traditional way. Water comes from the lake and it needs to be carried to the buildings to be used. Fishing in summer is the best what you can do. Lures or fly fishing graylings and trouts, pure and clear water like what we have in Lake Inari. You can see the fish easily in the water and that when the fish catches. At the end of a warm day, it’s nice to go swimming in the lake after Sauna. While you can do all kinds of things in Onnela, it is also the perfect place if you feel that you need just relaxation and calming down from your holiday. Options for activities; boat cruise to Lake Inari and its islands? Fishing? Photography? Hikeing in the Wilderness? Bear’s nest tour? Midnight Sun trips? Swimming? Or just relaxing?… We don’t have electricity grid. But we can use aggregate power, solar power and power banks. We use lake water for washing. The beeline from Onnela to Nellim is about 20km, to Ivalo 42km and to Inari village 44km. Transportation to Onnela is either by boat or snowmobile from Nellim harbor.
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Nellimintie 4017, 99860 Nellim


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Grayling, Whitefish, Trout, Zander, Pike, Perch

Fishing methods

Fly fishing, Spin fishing, Ice fishing, Fishing with trap, Fishing with hook & worm, Trolling



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